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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NEA Today: More Info on Student Anxiety

NEA Today Magazine recently featured an article that gave insight to student anxiety and how to combat it. More specifically the article discussed how to help students conquer their anxieties around math, oral presentations, and testing (which we have previously discussed).

Pinpointing the triggers of anxiety is key. Ensure that bullying is not a factor and that home life is stable and healthy. Next, find areas of difficulty...

Small Suggestions:
  • Math or any subject of difficulty- Preparation is key and practice makes perfect! Make learning fun by integrating computer math games, board games, and other activities. Celebrate learning and create opportunities for success.
  • Oral Presentations- For Students: KNOW YOUR STUFF! Prepare well in advance, make a list of items you need and check them off the night before to ensure you have everything to deliver a successful presentation. Write talking points for the information you want to discuss. Make it fun, have something that everyone can participate in. Practice reading aloud for 15 - 20 minutes per day.
  • Test Anxiety- In a previous post we noted that there are several test taking strategies students can use to combat fears. In addition, students can write a positive message on the back of their papers, boost confidence by mastering the material, go see your counselor for a boost of encouragement.

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